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What Is Motion Graphics?

Take a look at some of your favorite videos. What did you like about them?
People like us don’t just do one thing. All the parts of the movie, from the plot to the visuals, work well together. Each of them fits in well with the other, and they work together to make something that’s different.

But What Exactly is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is animation, but with a lot of text as the main part. Basically, it’s a way to make animated graphics.

In the past, there’s been a lot of debate about the line between motion graphics and animation. This is because motion graphics don’t use animation. An example of motion graphics can be seen in the opening credits to Hitchcock’s Psycho. In this case, the sound, motion, and graphic design all work well together.

A way to communicate with the viewer and add more to the story is through motion graphics, which move. When they work together, they can tell us something. Motion graphics are animation with text as the main part. We use them to make ads, title sequences for movies, explainer videos, and share information.

Know The Different Types OF Motion Graphics


In order to change their brand, the broadcast channel La Effe wanted to come up with something that would set them apart from other SKY shows. Design by Nerdo Creative Studio blends high-end art magazine-like styles with a strong focus on typography to make the new look even better. We think it’s fair to say that you don’t see this on TV every day.

Television Title Sequence

HBO’s True Detective has its main title sequence. Visuals in the main title sequence for HBO’s True Detective show are well thought out and the font is simple. The bleak landscapes show the inner lives of the characters and show how the story is about a toxic swamp full of people who have been hurt. An interview with Creative Director Patrick Clair was in The Art of the Title. In the interview, he said that “story is always the most important part of our process.”

Icons and Elements

Motion graphic designers may also move components such as icons on your website, in videos, and in other media. Check out these motion graphic animations of various icons, for example.

Individual components like icons, line animations, and others are accessible as templates for designers to use online. They may simply take and utilize the content in their own films and other assets. Here you may get your own free video components to use in your films.


Do you know how sometimes when you’re watching a YouTube video, you see an intriguing logo before the video starts? These logo sequences are also animated motion graphics. Motion graphics services provide individuality to your design, particularly logo design. Check out one variant of the Google doodle with motion graphic animation, which is one of the most common motion graphic logos we see on a regular basis.

Aren’t these fun, event-based animations now associated with the Google brand? In the video, you can find a plethora of logo motion graphic designs that you can use for free to build your own gorgeous, uncomplicated logo reveals. You may find them here.

Short Films

While they often create short animated films utilizing various animation methods, motion graphics are also used in the process. The benefit of employing motion graphics services in short films is that it helps to construct and enter a completely fictitious universe. Using motion graphics animation services, you may create a visual depiction of emotions, sentiments, and other intangible variables.

How Motion graphics can Help You Win More Customers

There are many types of motion graphics content that can be interesting to people, but motion graphic videos are a good way for businesses to tell their stories to people. Here are some of the reasons why motion graphic videos are so good at telling stories and building brands:

Pin Points Directly On Your Targets

Motion graphic videos help people make a point or do something. Motion graphic videos usually have animated text at the very least. Music and voiceovers can also be used to set the right mood. They can also have animated shapes and other shapes that move, too. These videos make a point or get people to do something by appealing to their emotions and needs.

An Easier Way To Understand What You’re Learning

From graphs to bar charts, timelines, and even ideas that aren’t tangible, motion graphic videos make it easy for us to understand what’s going on. A lot of explainer videos turn out to be animations, which is what they were meant to be. For example, check out this short video by Vox that shows how the COVID-19 vaccine is made.

Viewers Don’t Have To Put Many Efforts To Understand

The viewer doesn’t have to do much to watch a motion graphic video because most of them are only a short time. In this way, people can just sit back, relax, and watch a motion graphic or animated video to learn about or understand something in less than a minute. To show you how Bitcoin works, check out this three-minute video.

Motion Graphic Videos Are Easy To Use Again

If you cut up any other video, you can do the same with a motion graphics video as well. If you have a video, you can make promotional cuts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more from the same thing. Many people share short documentaries as a small part of their process to define things to the customers

In this case, how are motion graphics and animation different? Let’s look at this again.

What’s The Difference Between Animation And Motion Graphics, And How Do They Work?

Motion graphics, as explained earlier, can be used to make a graph, an infographic, or even web design move. Check out this GIF with animated elements that show where London is. This means that, as you can see, motion graphics are all about making things like abstract objects, text, and other graphics move. Animation, on the other hand, is a specific type of art that focuses more on cinematic effects and storytelling techniques to make a story. Check out this video about Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa. It talks about how he made it. It’s true that this video is animated, but it doesn’t use animations.  So, if you make a video that shows motion graphics to make a point, it would be called animation with motion graphics, or motion graphics. You can make a movie that is more like a Pixar movie, where the character goes on an emotional journey. This is more like animation, though.

When Should A Brand Use A Video With A Lot Of Animation?

Let’s see if your brand can go with a video that moves.Motion graphics are best for highlighting or highlighting facts and making a point.Motion graphics are used when there isn’t a need for a story or a lot of complicated storytelling.Motion graphic videos can help you break down your services or products and show them in a clear way.Because motion graphics are visual aids, they are great at teaching hard-to-understand ideas through images.

Final Thoughts

So that was your motion graphics primer, and now you’re ready to start making your own motion graphic films. If you found this blog useful, but feel sad that you can’t do it on your own. Feel free to contact one of the Design stallion’s expert designers that can help you with their motion graphics services to make content that can instantly attract your customers. Please share this with your friends and feel free to ask any motion graphics questions you may have!

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