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Why Motion Graphics: A Complete Guide for Marketers & Brand Leaders

The Different 3 Types Of Motion Graphics

No matter what sort of tale you intend to convey, videos do let you win in all cases. Nonetheless, the desired impact of practically all the different types of motion graphics can be categorized into three major groups. There is one form of Type of motion graphic most suited for your tale, whether you want to urge the audience to take action, convey the intricacies of your organization, product, or service, or drive sales first and foremost.

The Audience Is Moved To Feel Something By Emotive Videos

The major goal of these films is to provoke a strong, emotional reaction from the audience. Depending on the nature of your narrative, this might be a pleasant or terrible experience. Regardless, a visitor should be inspired to take action after seeing your film.

Explainer Videos Heps You Form a Definition Of A Concept, Product, Or Service

Explainer films reduce the core of an idea into a clear visual to simplify it. When your tale is incredibly comprehensive, technical, or needs numerous stages to finish or explain, this strategy is often the best option.

Promotional Videos Helps In The Sale Of Products, Services, Or Events

The ultimate purpose of a promotional film is to drive conversions. As a sales item, this sort of film or motion graphic is often more recognized than the others. Any information that might persuade a viewer to make a buying choice should be prominently shown in these movies.

The Use Of Different Types Of Motion Graphics

How can you tell whether a motion graphic is a good fit for your visual content? The selection is based on several criteria, including the audience(s) you’re attempting to reach, prospective use cases, and your vision of the content’s success.

Here are a handful of the numerous reasons why you would want to create a motion graphic to get more sales and attract more customers for your business.

You Wish To Create An Amazing User Experience With Motion Graphics

When viewing a static infographic, readers may skim to choose what they want to look at and learn about. The same is true for interactive information, where details are often just a click or hover away.

Viewers may fast-forward or rewind a motion graphics, skip portions, and so forth. However, this is not how most people engage with video. Coming into a voiceover in the middle of a sentence, or witnessing the vestiges of a picture as it fades off the screen, is an unsettling experience.

This implies that as long as your video is both quick and compelling, a viewer will most likely watch it from start to finish. If they do this, they will most likely see and hear everything you want them to see and hear. This is an excellent choice for businesses who want to present a comprehensive tale or that require a bit more time to illustrate the value of their product or service. Fortunately, since well-crafted motion graphics and movies are so good at retaining viewers’ attention, you’re likely to be successful in conveying your message.

You Wish To improve Engagement and Conversion Help of Motion Graphics

Assume your marketing efforts have been ineffective. People are bouncing off your landing page or just failing to convert. Perhaps they don’t understand what your organization does, how it does it, or why it does it. Perhaps your website does not stand out from the crowd. Video might be the solution to any of these issues.

More than four out of five marketers believe video provides a decent return on investment. That’s hardly unexpected given that video marketing has been shown to help firms boost revenue by 49% quicker.

Investing in high-quality films and/or motion graphics as part of your overall content strategy might be the solution if you want to see genuine benefits from your marketing budget.

You Want To Attract Your Visitors with Motion Graphics To Your Expo Booth

You’ve probably seen simple conference booths with pamphlets and business cards on a display table. You’ve also probably seen the ones with TV displays that display dynamic, fast-paced animation. Which ones seemed like they’d be more fun to visit? We’re prepared to wager that the video-enhanced booths drew more attention. However, not just any video will function in this setting.

It has been shown that 85 percent of Facebook videos are viewed on silent. However, 76 percent of Facebook video advertising used sound to express their message, indicating that marketers aren’t optimizing their material for the manner in which consumers are genuinely interacting with it.

What does this have to do with a trade show booth? Consider the large throng and boisterous atmosphere of a trade fair or exhibition hall. You’re surrounded by people talking, overhead announcements, and the overall cacophony of a large gathering. Is it a suitable setting for a video that relies on audio components to be understood? Certainly not.

If you build your motion graphics for its intended use case, you’ll discover the best methods to communicate the tale in its viewing context.

Ready To Get Your Motion Graphics Video?

Congratulations! So now you understand the importance of motions graphics and how video marketing can transform your business efforts into a whole new scenario. Let’s find you an inspiration to create a motion graphics video for your brand! Consult motion graphics and animation experts at Design Stallion today!


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